Class Descriptions

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Basic ChiRunning Class (4 hours). This half-day class presents all of the foundation elements of the ChiRunning approach so that upon completion the student will be able to fully implement it into his or her running program. Keith will demonstrate the various components of ChiRunning and will guide students through exercises and drills so they get the “feel” of the ChiRunning approach. There will be only a limited amount of running so the course is appropriate for runners of all levels. A fun, informative and motivating experience.

Content includes:

  • Introduction to ChiRunning form 
  • Keys to effortless, injury-free running 
  • The physics of running: gravity’s role 
  • ChiRunning vs Power running 
  • Injury prevention techniques 
  • Lower and upper body usage: role of legs and arms 
  • Gears and speed management 
  • Personal check-in techniques 
  • Pre-run looseners 
  • Innovative technique drills 
  • Conserving energy at any speed 
  • Video feedback on running form

Day-long ChiRunning Class (7 hours). In addition to covering all of the basics of ChiRunning covered in the half-day class, the day-long training provides more extensive practice, some exposure to ChiWalking, additional skill development exercises, core muscle exercises, post-run stretches, hill running, trail running, more varied video feedback and an extensive question & answer period (during lunch) on related issues and specific applications of ChiRunning, e.g., to marathons and ultras.

Content includes:

  • Half-day items (above) 
  • Intro to ChiWalking 
  • Increased running with individual feedback 
  • Hill running (easy to difficult) 
  • Trail running techniques 
  • Running programs: essential workouts for technique (intervals), adaptability (hills), efficiency (tempos) and aerobic conditioning (long, slow distance) 
  • Varied video feedback

Note: the half-day (4 hrs) and day-long (7 hrs) classes may be offered in a series of sessions rather than in one single session.

Advanced Hill and Trail Running Workshop (2 hrs). After a brief review of ChiRunning basics from the half-day or day-long classes, this workshop focuses on the challenges of hill running and trail running. ChiRunning techniques make both uphill and downhill running easier to do and easier on the body as sore muscles and injured joints become a thing of the past. Efficient uphill running leaves the runner with energy at the top. Downhill running is typically under control yet faster with the ChiRunning approach as balance, appropriate cadence and pelvic rotation impact the runner’s form and self confidence. Essential adaptations in ChiRunning form due to extreme hill steepness are also taught including in some cases, the role of ChiWalking in uphill running.

Advanced ChiRunning Class (2 hrs).   Basic ChiRunning skills are reviewed and integrated with individual learning goals and specialized applications. Advanced material and the fine-tuning of the core ChiRunning principles are provided in the context of running together in the group.


 Basic ChiWalking Class (4 hours). This half-day class presents all of the foundation elements of the ChiWalking approach so that upon completion the student will be able to implement it into his or her walking program. Keith will demonstrate and guide students through active exercises and drills as they experience the five steps of mindful walking: alignment, core engagement, balance, making a choice and moving forward.

Content includes:

  • Introduction to the ChiWalking approach 
  • Injury-prevention techniques 
  • Optimal walking posture 
  • Lower and upper body usage: role of legs and arms 
  • Pre-walk looseners 
  • Personal check-in tools 
  • Innovative technique drills 
  • How to relax and conserve energy at any speed 
  • Hill walking techniques 
  • Video feedback of walking form

 Day-Long ChiWalking Class (7 hours). Typically offered over a series of several sessions, this class provides all of the basics of ChiWalking of the half-day class and also includes more practice time, more skill development exercises, core muscle exercises, post-walk stretches, extended hill walking practice, increased range of video feedback, and a focus on a range of applications of ChiWalking to such interests as hiking and marathoning.

Advanced ChiWalking Workshop (2 hrs). This workshop is designed for those who have completed the Basic ChiWalking class and would like to progress further in their ChiWalking form. Workshop includes a brief review, individual observational feedback and such specialized applications as marathoning, hiking, racing, and advanced hill walking.

Chi Walk-Run

 Basic Chi Walk-Run Class (4 hours). This half day class provides a unique integration of the knowledge and experiential foundations of both Chi Walking and Chi Running. Keith will demonstrate the various components of Chi Walking and Chi Running and will guide students through exercises and drills so as to learn and get the "feel" of these approaches and the transition between them. Upon completion, the student will be able to walk and run with more ease and efficiency and will be able to move effortlessly back and forth between walking and running. Open to all levels of walker or runner.

Content includes:

  • Keys to effortless, injury-free walking and running 
  • Basics of the holistic, integrated Chi Walk-Run approach 
  • Core muscle technique drills and exercises 
  • Upper and lower body usage in walking and running, e.g., running witout using your legs and the role of gravity 
  • Introduction to Chi Walking and Chi Running form 
  • Energy conservation in movement 
  • Body scanning, awareness and choice re. walking and/or running 
  • Tips for transitions between walking and running: when to do which and how to make the shift most efficiently

Eugene Marathon Training

Training options: Chi Running, Chi Walking and Chi Walk-Run

Half Marathon and Full Marathon Training Group. Designed to prepare runners and walkers for the Eugene Marathon and Half Marathon, and offered through the Eugene Running Company, this training program meets regularly over a period of three months.
It is open to all runners and walkers, from first-timers to experienced marathoners.  Keys to effortless running and walking, posture,  form, “gears” for speed management, hills and more.  Participants will have a weekly training program to follow as well as individual Instructor guidance.  Each session will have theoretical input, skills practice and a group run or walk including Instructor observations and feedback.